come as you are

Showing up before being ready is an act of courage, it’s saying : “I will do this even if it’s not perfect”. It’s allowing oneself to be mediocre at something, to not do it in the way that is deemed « perfect».

I started realizing how important consistency is, consistency over perfection. If I repeatedly allow myself to do, even when I’m not ready, it eventually amounts to something, even if I don’t see it in the short term.

I think it comes back to this permission that I feel like I need to give myself. The permission to suck at something. The permission for things not to be perfect before I do the thing.

It’s the romanticization of the perfect doing, of the perfect life, of the perfect circumstances. There is a lot of discomfort when one is faced with how different it has to be from the idea that was formed about how it is supposed to be. That discomfort can be discouraging, it can be challenging, and test how much you really want the thing, the imperfect thing, the flawed thing, the real thing, the better-than-nothing thing.

The dissolution of the illusion can be either a wake up call, to actually face the discomfort, and do whatever it takes, or it can be the end of the journey.

This post is my invitation to you to come as you are, with all your imperfect doings. It’s my invitation to give yourself the permission to show up, even when you’re not ready.

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